Embrace hard ethics:

the most honorable job

is pornography.

Watch as it happens,

they can hide nothing from us,

it is all right there.

What’s the difference

between political speech

and fellatio?

In fellatio

one sees the fruits of labor

swallow life, spit life.

Politicians speak

empty words, empty action

big dicks with no balls.

Written at 11:40 at night, in my office, in Agoura Hills CA, while nearly dying of thirst and half-blinded by my desk lamp and in desperate need of something mind-altering.

NB: I should extend the term “politician” to include actors, musicians, television personalities, entertainers of all kinds, athletes, professors, publishers, photographers, brand owners, developers, the very rich, the very poor, the middle class, people of any race, agents, solicitors, anyone even remotely associated with law, dentistry, medicine, business, engineering, social workers, professional drivers, first-time mothers, anyone under the age of twenty seven or over the age of forty seven, writers, especially writers, and fitness instructors. Everyone but farmers and pornstars are dishonest.  

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