what if everything in the world cost

on dollar?

whores and cars and houses and

neckties and dog food and watches

and drugs and airplanes and guns and

lemons and businesses and guitars

and microscopes and spaceships

would all cost one dollar.

I know, I know–there’s some

fundamental law of economics

I’m overlooking. But forget

that law for the moment.

Just imagine: with this dollar-fifty

in my pocket, I could buy a pack of

gum and half a nuclear warhead.

For the price of a condiment at

the state fair, I could buy the world

and hand it back to the universe, saying

“Sorry we fucked it up so bad. You take it

now. And no matter what we say don’t ever

ever give it back. Not even for a dollar.”

Written at 8:20 at night, in my office, in Agoura Hills CA. 

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