Even when you’re not around

your judgment lurks.

You see me drinking,

backstroking in the pool,

making margaritas,

spending time

with your daughter

that you wish you had,

but don’t,

because you work.

I don’t work,

is what you think.

You look at me,

how people look at snot.

I have memorized

the nuances of your judgment.

There is a good for nothing

son of a bitch, you think.

There is a moocher, a real

grade-A bum, with no money

to his name and not even

the slightest potential

for success.

I have potential, asshole.

Believe me,

if I ever decide to stop drinking

I will rule the world. But

I already opened this wine,

and it won’t be good for long.

I’ll finish it.

After this bottle of wine

I will rule the world.

Wait and see.

Written at 9:45 at night, in my office, in Agoura Hills CA. 

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