In response to your letter:

I find it strange that you should reference god so freely. When we were together you did not believe in him. Am I remembering correctly? Didn’t you say the word Messiah sounds like the brandname of an electric car? Either way, I guess people change. No, what’s extremely concerning is your accusations of me as a “disloyal drugee.” You have a lot to learn in the way of defining your terms. Drugee is not how I’d describe myself. Rather I’m a man who enjoys fine chemicals and artificial highs. If this is a crime, what crime is it? That I enjoy things? That the world is brighter and in sharper focus once I detach from it? In fact, along with this letter I’ve mailed a gram of marijuana and some muscle relaxants and also some pills I’m told are usually given to horses but which humans can take at no significant risk. Try them all and see what you like. I’ll share with you my favorite in some other letter. But know that what I desire is not included in this package. The long and short of it is this: I am proposing a reunion of souls. If you return to me things will be different. I hope they will be better. I will not promise personal change, as that is not in my estimation possible. But I will speak less and drink more and we can share communal silences and we can criticize one another privately. All the while you will know I care for you. You will know I care for you more than anything by the mere fact that I will be there flesh-and-blood each day. If ever I cease living it will be because I have stopped caring, or you have. If I don’t hear from you within three business days I will assume you have rejected me and act accordingly. Otherwise I look forward to hearing from you. Today is Friday. That extends your window until next Wednesday. That is the day. Mark it down so you don’t forget. All right.


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